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  1. ASSESS – minimise danger, secure wing, assess casualty:
    A: airway B: Breathing, C: CPR/Circulation
  2. GET HELP: Dial 999 and ask for POLICE. To dispatcher, advise “Fall from height, suspected significant injury, difficult access, helimed needed.” Give OS grid reference (2 letters, 6 figures) – use your phone/GPS for casualty location - give local radio frequency 143.950MHz. When helimed is confirmed on the way, give phone to person administering first aid – dispatcher can advise them.
    No Signal? – SPOT/PLB, SMS to 999 (needs pre-registration), radio, send runner
  3. Reassure casualty if possible, control the situation.
  4. PREPARE FOR HELICOPTER: Clear airspace. Two whistle blasts means “HELI COMING, LAND NOW!”. Repeat at 1 minute intervals until everyone is down. When on the ground, secure all loose objects, including any debris.
    At Parlick, notify Bowland Gliding Club on 01995 61267 or 07779 441283. When heli arrives…
  5. INDICATE CASUALTY. Stand in prominent place with arms in a Y shape, don’t wave.

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