The awards for the 2023 season were awarded at the well attended AGM. The winners are as follows:

Paraglider Pilot Improvement Award

20240213_064058000_iOS 15

Ed Knowles


Matt Baird

(not present)

First 25km XC Flight

20240213_064058000_iOS 14

Ed Knowles

33km flight from Parlick on 9th July 2023

First 50km XC Flight

20240213_064058000_iOS 13

Scott O’Neil

53.9km flight from Parlick on 9th July 2023 

PSC League Overall

PSC League Sport

Best XC Flight from Pennine Site

20240213_064058000_iOS 17

Phil Wallbank

124km flight from Parlick on 16th June 2023

Loop League

20240213_064058000_iOS 12

Paul Winterbottom

Best Local Flight

PSC League Fun Class

20240213_064058000_iOS 6

John Murphy

29.84km FAI triangle on the 7th April 2023

Representing the Club – National

20240213_064058000_iOS 3

Elliot Brown

1st place in Buttermere Bash Lakeland Charity Open B comp. and 1st place in LCC B comp.

Representing the club – International


John Oliver

British sports, St-Jean-Montclar: 1st in Reynolds, 4th overall

British champs: 1st in Reynolds, 3rd in Sports,16th Brit, 52th overall.

Most chuffed about been first sports on one of the task's and been in sight of the leaders.

World Civl rank 1318, UK Civl rank 48

Retrieve Award

20240213_064058000_iOS 8

Brian Stewart

Retrieve from Tebay for Jim and John

Club Award

20240213_064058000_iOS 2

Neil Charles

Creating the Wind at Altitude app

Club Award

Paul Redman on behalf of MRT (not present)

For their assistance involving an incident at Parlick

Bent Upright

20240213_064058000_iOS 4

Andrew Clegg

For best tent landing!

William Marshall Trophy for Services to the Club

20240213_064058000_iOS 5

Simon Scott

For services as chairman

Special Lifetime Achievement Award

20240213_064058000_iOS 7

John Murphy

For 27 years dedicated service to the club committee