Edenfield – Closure for Lambing

By Andy Archer on  April 20, 2022 19:50

Edenfield will be closed for Lambing from 25 April 2022 to 25 May 2022 inclusive. 

Please adhere to the closure.


Andy (Sites Officer)

New Gate Code for Winter Hill

By Andy Archer on  December 6, 2021 21:19

Hi All,

I was contacted by the Arqiva Engineer responsible for access up to the Winter Hill mast and our take off.

Arqiva have recently changed the lock code on the gates due a number of unauthorised access issues by the general public, gaining access to the moor with their vehicles. 

Arqiva believe this is due to the gates being left open/unlocked or the lock being left on the code making it very easy for someone to press the button to gain access. 

A number of times the engineer has been called out in the early hours of the morning to release a member of the public that has been locked in.

We are not the only users of the access track and they have communicated the same to other organisations that have the access codes, to ensure continued use we need to make sure we abide by the rules being set by the landowner, United Utilities, and Arqiva who look after the mast.

New Rules:

  1. Generally only the lower gate will be locked.
  2. If both gates are locked they will have the same code.
  3. The lock codes will be changed every 3 months or sooner if required.
  4. Do not allow anyone to tailgate you through the gate.
  5. Make sure the gate is locked shut behind you.  Do not leave unlocked, even if you know another member will be on their way in a few minutes.
  6. On securing the lock ensure you scramble the code, DO NOT leave it on the unlock code.
  7. PSC members must obtain the code from a member of the committee, DO NOT distribute it further.
  8. Report any suspicious behaviour to a member of the committee.

To obtain the code please speak to or PM (WhatsApp/text/email/FB messenger) one of the committee members who will provide you with the code.

Going forward I will be on the distribution list for the new codes, therefore as soon as a new code is communicated to me I will ask members to contact one of the committee to obtain the new code.



PSC Sites Officer

Please Do Not Fly Pendle East

By Andy Archer on  July 19, 2021 13:38

I have just had an email from the Land Agent for Pendle Hill (see copy below).

There were reports of paragliders flying the East Face of Pendle on Sunday 18.07.21.  This area is out of bounds for flying at the landowner's request and does not form part of our licence agreement. 

Pendle is one of our best sites and we would not want to lose use of the main face due to pilots flying the east.  We have other easterly sites that can be used.

Please re-familiarise yourself with the sites guide here:



Area marked in red is ‘Out of Bounds’ for paragliding & hang gliding

Dear Andy,

I trust all is well with you.

I noted that gliders were taking off/landing from ‘big end’ Pendle yesterday afternoon – directly above Hookcliffe plantation and further along towards Barley.

I know we have raised this previously and clearly you cannot control non-members but are you able to put a note out to your members reminding them that this is out of bounds.

The existence of the gliders relies on all parties working together and it is frustrating when a few let the side down’.

Thanks for your cooperation and adherence.


Sites Officer

Winter Hill – Additional Gate & Road Closure

By Andy Archer on  June 24, 2021 15:48

Winter Hill access road now has an additional gate at the bottom of the access road just after the houses.  The gate is locked, the lock code is the same as the upper gate.


In addition the road has been closed from 14th June for two weeks for re-surfacing works, Brian however, has spoken to one of the operatives and he seems to think the works have completed early.